Testing for Taopatch Benefits

Our team is seeing great results in testing the Taopatch. I've been using it during beach volleyball and have noticed increased reaction time, better footwork, and hand/eye coordination alongside proprioception.

We've also noticed increased energy levels when placed on the correct meridian points. One of our team members is a skilled acupuncturist, and immediately noticed a powerful energetic effect. For others, the effect has been more subtle.

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Taopatch uses your own body heat and infrared to create a photon stream, stimulating neuralgic points. Taopatch can be applied all across the meridian map of the body.

The research on the patch is significant (though written mostly in Italian). This has helped MS patients, pro athletes, and those suffering from pain and fatigue.

Acu-points included in the Taopatch Immune System Boost Kit are based on scientific publications.