🎁 Top Biohacking Gifts - 2019 Healthy Holiday and New Year🔥

🔥 Killer Gift Ideas

    • Apollo Neuroscience - Clinically validated wearable that actively manages stress, improves sleep, heightens focus, and facilitates meditation – all through your sense of touch.

    • Humboldt Tincture. - Broad-spectrum grooviness from Humboldt County, CA.


🎁 2019 Holiday Best Biohacking Deals

    • Wave5 - Hydrate your muscles with the new recovery approach. This is a great (and effective) alternative to foam rolling.

    • ChiliPad / Ooler - Cool down your bed for deeper sleep!

    • Lumen - Hack your Metabolism - take a deep breath. Now exhale. And there you have it... data on your metabolism!

🥇 Brain & Heart Biofeedback & Nootropics

    • HeartMath! The gold standard for active HRV training.

    • Dreem Sleep Headband

    • 40 Years of Zen Neurofeedback - 5 Day intensive in Seattle to optimize neural system function.

    • Biocybernaut Institute Neurofeedback - Alpha brain wave training.

    • FocusBuds - EEG Earbuds?! This just might be the perfect amount of crazy

💧Hydration & Drinks

Snacks, Nutrients, & Supplementals

Internal Health Test - Choose Health - $48 Monthly

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🎉 Other Biohacking Devices


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