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Anti-Oxidant Molecular Hydrogen Tablets - H2 TRUE

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H2 TRUE™ Hydrogen Tablets

H2 True tabs create the HIGHEST H2 Parts Per Million (PPM) of any molecular hydrogen tab. That makes H2 True tablets the most powerful on the market. 

  • Make your own Hydrogen (H2) Water anytime, anyplace, instantly!
  • Therapeutic Benefits for Over 170 Disease Models
  • Anti Aging For Younger, Toned Looking Skin
  • Increases Cellular Hydration
  • Supports Mitochondrial ATP (energy) Production
  • Anti Inflammatory and Improves Circulation
  • Selective Antioxidant. Goes After Sick and Diseased Cells
  • Aids In The Production of More Protective Enzymes
  • Regular Use Heightens Physical and Mental Energy
  • Safe. No Cytotoxic Side Effects and Safe For All Age Groups
  • Easy To Take. Dissolves in Water.

Quickly Reduce InflammationBoost Performance and Recovery, and Achieve Optimal Health.

Summary of research on Hydrogen Water:

27 health benefits and reasons to take Molecular Hydrogen Tablets: https://www.selfhacked.com/blog/hydrogen-water/